Montag, 30. November 2009

Sigi Movies Nr. 1

One of the milestones of the Sigi Asso culture by Henrik Peschel. Make sure to also watch Rollo Aller 2 and 4, aswell as the trailer of the third!
And always keep in mind: Rollo Aller - Ohne Mich!

Samstag, 28. November 2009

Sigi Licence

Dont want to be alone anymore? Tired of being a loser? No problem, there is a cure for every boring nerd among us! Get out this very day and secure yourself a licence for an affiliation in the sigi asso cult! You ask yourself what that means? NO rules, NO limitations, just pure rock and roll and sigi and asso! You will understand when the time has come.

Mittwoch, 25. November 2009

Bizarre Death In A Sex-Cabin

Hm, I think we can all imagine how "bizarre" the death in a sex-cabine must be or look like and that one should not make fun of it. Death is death. Sorry but... how GODDAMN odd is that?! Haha, dying in a sex-cabin! Thats like being born in a whore house! Even a little bit more grotty 'cause i bet he or she died alone. Grmpf, that actually makes me sad as well. Must have been a very desperate person, alone and unsatisfied...
Okay, sad moment is gone and i think i'm happy and amused again, this picture is just to asso to make me cheerless for more then a few seconds!
Sorry mister died-in-a-sex-cabin, maby i will pay the debt of nature by watching porn some day.

Dienstag, 24. November 2009

Buddy Ogün Interview

Buddy Ogün - a post-modern Asso.
This fanstastic Interview shows how you should behave, if you dont yet know it, to be both modern and sigi at the same time!

Biology Books

EXACTLY! This is blow-by-blow what biology books in schools are trying to tell us about drug abuse, dealers and the poor poor victims. Very convincing, innit?
I have an idea. In future, why dont you add one or two more clearing pictures in the amphigony section, me and my friends always thought those were way more interesting then these pseudo-dunning "oh my god drugs are so bad" images, trying to demonise the early 80's Sigi-Rocker elite, waving beautiful vokuhilas in the wind and helping needy kids with their insulin injections. This world is so unfair.